What is marketing?

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Welcome to my Blog!I hope you enjoy and get great value and insight from the content here. Apologies in advance for any typos. My blog is not a place for a Thesis. It is a place that I share content with passion that should helps you with any marketing challenges you may be facing.

Today’s blog is about what is Marketing? It was a question that bothered me for a long time. Having traveled the world, done every type of marketing project you can imagine, I wanted to know what it was I did for a living? This search led me to write first book. Marketing is King!

The conclusion and main finding of the book is that marketing is about bringing value to the marketplace. People pay for value, i.e. what they see is important to them. People buy products as they see value in them. People may hire you for a job as they see you have the skill sets that bring them the value they are looking for.

So our first lesson today is what is marketing? Marketing is bringing value to the marketplace.
People are always evaluating the value you can bring to them. Notice how the word evaluate has the word value in it!

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