M’s vs P’s of Marketing

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When most people think of Marketing, they think of the 4P’s. These are





This is was is normally taught in business school.

I believe that marketing is about the M’s?

M = Market

M= Message

M= Mechanics / Method

Marketing really is very simple. It is about

Getting the right message to the right person, at the right time, in the right way.

The right message is the value proposition. How people can gain value from your product, offering or service. The second M is for market. The message should be delivered to the right target market. And the final M. It should be done in the right way.

So when you think of marketing. Think M’s not P’s!

Marketing is all about value, how you can add value to others.

Always remember

Right Message = Value Proposition
Right Person = Target Market
Right Way = Approach
Right Time = On target

Good luck!

It’s not the P’s. It’s the M’s!



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